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Vicky Gardiner and Adam Wright are the founders of The Scottish Goat Meat Company and specialise in rearing and producing high quality Boer and Boer cross goat meat. They first started farming goats in Ellon before moving to the Glen of Newmill five years ago where they took on a run down croft with 27 acres.

They immediately started work and as well as completely renovating the house, they also continued working with and improving their goat business. However, due to the lack of outbuildings they had to think outside of the box in order to expand their business, so in addition to their own goat herd they started to source young adult goats from other farms, farm parks, small scale milk production farmers and local marts. Their recurring suppliers are thoroughly vetted meaning that the goats come from the best places and that they have been given the best lives with the highest welfare standards possible.

Early on Vicky and Adam quickly discovered that selling their goat meat online was the way to go. The online market for selling goat meat is huge and has allowed The Scottish Goat Meat Company to access a much wider customer base than they could if they only sold locally. As a result they have customers from the Scottish Islands to London and everywhere inbetween. They have also become the first online Scottish business to produce goat meat on a commercial scale.

Goat meat is very popular for customers looking for an extra special treat, with foodies, people interested in eating healthier and people who require low fat diets (additional trimming at no extra charge can be requested).

Another thing that Vicky and Adam have discovered is the impact TV programmes, especially cooking ones, have on their sales. The moment a goat recipe is on the TV they see their website hits and sales soar. They have been asked on a number of occasions to take part in TV programmes including two appearances on Landward as well as featuring on radio programmes and in national newspapers. They have also been asked to supply goat meat for TV programmes and as a result of goat meat being a healthier meat, also being asked to supply the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. They have been nominated for a number of awards in the past and have the Healthier Food & Drink Award at the Highlands & Islands Food & Drink Awards in 2014 as well as The search for Scotland’s Best Kept Secret Ingredient in 2014.

In addition The Scottish Goat Meat Company attend a couple of events a year to showcase their products. When attending these events they use their mobile fitted kitchen to produce samples including sausages, burgers and curry. This allows customers to try well cooked goat meat, and instantly converts many people. They provide cooking guidance and recipe cards to customers as it is key to cook the meat in the correct way to ensure the best taste possible is created. They also ensure the same level of customer care is given to their online customers with access to recipes online at https://www.scottishgoatmeat.co.uk/recipes.html, recipe cards provided with orders as well as repeat and large orders being given extras including spices, herbs and sometimes a discount. Vicky and Adam pride themselves on producing a quality product and service and they strive to make sure that every customer is happy.

Goat meat is very popular for customers looking for an extra special treat, with foodies, people interested in eating healthier and people who require low fat diets (additional trimming at no extra charge can be requested). As well as being lower in fat and saturated fat, goat meat is also lower in calories and cholesterol when compared to chicken, beef, pork and lamb. Further health benefits include, higher levels of iron and potassium, lower sodium levels and higher protein levels than chicken.

Over the years Victoria and Adam have learned what works and what doesn’t and have created a smooth farm to fork process which includes using local haulier Ian S. Roger and Websters Butchers, and although the goat isn’t sold directly from Websters it can be arranged for orders to be collected from there at no additional charge. Local delivery is also free but should you live further afield please visit https://www.scottishgoatmeat.co.uk/delivery.html for delivery charges. All postal orders are posted on Mondays and Tuesdays to ensure orders are delivered as quickly as possible. These are sent with Parcelforce in insulated boxes with ice packs which allows the meat to stay fresh for 3 days. All orders, local or postal, must be placed online via https://www.scottishgoatmeat.co.uk/ourshop/ where a wide range of products including gluten free sausages, gluten free mild cajun meatballs, leg steaks, noisettes, chops, diced meat, mince and a taster pack can all be purchased.

Vicky and Adam have full control over the entire process but as they both work full time they employee seasonal staff as well as having very kind neighbours to help out. They have recently solved the outbuilding situation with newly erected outbuildings and the hope for the future is that they will be able to continue to grow their business further, to house more goats at home and for Vicky to start working full time on the farm in the future.

If you would like more information or would like to purchase goat meat please visit https://www.scottishgoatmeat.co.uk/.

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