Speyside Copper Dogs Flyball Club

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A brand new Flyball Club, which offers training to dogs and their owner, has been set up. Flyball is a fun and inclusive sport for most dog breeds and the only requirements are that your dog needs to be fit, healthy and well socialised.

The group usually meet twice a week on Wednesday evenings at 7pm and Saturday mornings at 10am at Keith Show Ground over the summer months and indoors at St Thomas’ Hall over the winter months.

Speyside Copper Dogs who have recently entered their first competition in the beginners league and hope to be racing in open competitions by the end of the year, will be at Keith Show offering taster sessions for those interested in the sport. In addition, if you interested in the sport then please contact the group who would be more than happy to arrange a beginners session. The group can be contacted via their Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/Speyside-Copper-Dogs-Flyball-Club-201623010367503/.

You can also support Speyside Copper Dogs as they are currently collecting tokens as part of the Tesco Bags for Life Scheme to raise funds for indoor training equipment in preparation for winter training.

If you would like to take part the usual charge is £40 for 6 sessions, with the option of joining the club for a monthly fee of £25.

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