Sculpture Maquettes well received

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Residents from Keith and the surrounding area have been viewing and having their say on the miniature versions of three sculptures which have been on display at the Pop Up Shop on Mid Street all week.

The aim of this was to seek public opinion as to which sculpture they would like to see installed at the bottom of Mid Street. This sculpture is to double as a seat, celebrate the town’s linguistic heritage, highlight the fact that the future of Scots rests with our children, be imaginative and to remind people that Robert Burns was instrumental in saving the Scots language in the 18th century and that Keith continues his legacy in the 21st century.

The three artists who designed the sculptures were in the Pop Up Shop on Thursday 29th March to explain how they came to choose their designs.

Neil Kellas and Bibo Keeley, from Aberdeen, are the artists behind The Future for Scots. This sculpture, which came about following brainstorming between the pair, is an old style school desk which will show Scots words in a graffiti style as well as a Burns poem. They wanted to show an old school design which celebrated education, played on nostalgia and displayed Keith’s heritage. The graffiti style Scots words could possibly be chosen by local school children, and the poem would likely be chosen by KSRP or again, possibly local school children. The larger desk which was displayed in the Pop Up Shop would be scaled up one and a half times the size and will be able to seat 2-3 adults. Neil said, “our sculpture is to trigger memory and nostalgia and to continue to empower the mither tongue”.

David Annand, who is originally from Insch and whose parents are from Keith, came up with the Burns an Bairns an aa that as he wanted to encourage poetry in to a public place, for poetry to be an open book and always on display, rather than hidden away in a book. If his sculpture was chosen there would be a poem on display on the back of the seat. This poem would possibly be a Burns poem or a poem by someone else, it could even be a poem by a local poet.

Stuart Murdoch from Ballindalloch, is the artist behind the Interactive Scots Toun Monolith. This is quite different from the other two in that it is interactive, more futuristic and technologically minded. The sculpture would be made from sandstone and would display the words, Keith First Scots Toun which would then include Scots words within these words. Stuart has also incorporated NFC chips into his design which would mean that anyone with a phone could scan these chips which could then do a range of tasks such as redirect them to a certain website or provide an audio clip explaining the meaning of words for visitors, all of which allows people to get involved and interact with the sculpture. It would also display a LED banner on the top which would have changing words, which for instance could display a Scots word of the week/fortnight.

Keith Library has kindly offered to continue to display the sculpture maquettes and as such your chance to have your say has now been extended until the end of May. After this time votes will be counted and used by KSRP and the North Church to reach the tough decision on deciding which sculpture to produce and install at the bottom of Mid Street. Once the final decision has been reached KSRP will move on to the next stage and seek funding which will allow the sculptures to be produced.

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