Mischief Makers turn magicians with the help of Keith Library and Allan’s Magic Wizard School

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As part of the Mischief Makers Summer Reading Challenge Keith Library hosted a Mischief Maker event on the afternoon of 26th July between 2 and 4pm.

The event, which was extremely well organised and well attended started with an hours entertainment courtesy of Alan Innes from Allan’s Magic Wizard School. Alan, who is a local Keith loon, was a great comedic magician and captivated the children right from the start. He told the children that he had read many magic books and had learnt a lot of his tricks from books while performing some of his very impressive magic tricks. He involved the kids throughout and had a lot of keen assistants, which is just as well as he then began to show the children how to actually do the tricks and how to perform as a magician. At the end of his performance Alan provided the children with trick instructions to take home. The kids were hugely impressed with the show, as were the adults and a huge thank you goes to Alan who provided the magic show completely free of charge.

Following on from the Wizarding School the kids were given a snack of juice and fruit which was provided by Fiona on behalf of Tesco Keith.

Once the children had finished their tasty snack they then took part in two games of pin the bone on Gnasher’s teeth and paper ball catapult into different Dennis the Menace character cups before proceeding onto a quiz which required children to search the library for pictures before filling in the blanks to complete the words.

To top of the event the kids played a game of bingo with Fiona from Tesco playing the important role of bingo caller. The kids loved this game with some of them getting very involved and excited.

On behalf of all the children and parents we would like to say a big thank you to Keith Library, Allan’s Magic Wizarding School and Tesco Keith for providing such a fun and entertaining afternoon and it just shows how much fun you can have in libraries and with books.

There’s still time to join in with the Summer Reading Challenge and don’t forget the library run Bookbug sessions for babies and toddlers, Storytime for pre-school children and Library Club and Junior Book Club for Primary School children so there’s plenty for children to get involved with. Also, if you are looking for a Magic Show which actually lets you into a few secrets then why not support local loon Allan and have a Wizard School party of your own. For more information please visit https://www.allansmagic.com/ or https://www.wizard-school.co.uk/.

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