Looking for someone to look after your ‘Prescious Paws’?

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Shelly Mitchell has recently started a new business, ‘Prescious Paws’. She provides a number of services for dogs and cats. These include an hours dog walking, home visits to feed them/let them out and if required walk your dog.

Shelly decided to start this business following work redundancy and wanting to do something she loves. She has had her own dog for 12 years and loves the great outdoors, whether the sun’s out or not, so felt that this business would be perfect.

Shelly currently works between the hours of 7am and 6pm and covers a 20 mile radius and is able to walk up to 6 dogs at a time, is fully insured and disclosure Scotland checked.

As a guideline Shelly charges £9 for an hours walk, £7 for one home visit or £13 for two, plus £5 for a half an hour dog walk should you wish. Please note Shelly is flexible and offers a free meet and greet to discuss your needs so prices can be tailored to your individual requirements.

As Shelly has only just started her business her main aim at the moment is to provide a personal and customised service that leaves both owner and pet happy. However, in the future she may look to provide services such as dog and cat sitting from her own home should you be away for the day or longer.

For further information please visit ‘Prescious Paws’ Facebook site or contact Shelly on the following :



4 Bridge Street, Keith, 07522 818198

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