Looking for a ‘native’ home for your equine friend?

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Sillyearn Mains Livery at Grange opens on 1st March 2018 and is run by Star and David. Both Star and David have a number of years experience with horses, with Star working with and training competition horses, successfully showing Shetlands and competing in both endurance and Trec as well as promoting the Icelandic breed by entering dressage, cross country and jumping classes. David is also passionate about horses and ponies and has been Star’s Trec partner since 2012 as well as owning his own warm blood.

Using their previous knowledge and experience as well as having previously used livery yards themselves and having listened to other ‘native’ owners, Star and David decided to dedicate their 30 acre farm to opening a small, friendly and private livery yard mainly for ‘natives’. They are also able to offer a home for all breeds of horses and ponies. Their aim is to offer an equine home that is less competition focused, relaxed, supportive and more about enjoying and nurturing a positive relationship with your equine friend/s.

Star and David decided to focus more on ‘native’ breeds due to their location, trail riding experience and the fact that Star has owned and bred Icelandic horses, Shetland ponies and other breeds for nearly two decades, but they are also able to offer a home for warm bloods who love jumping or cross country.

Sillyearn Mains Livery is surrounded by beautiful countryside which offers an abundance of excellent off-road hacking. Not only is the Balloch, Bin forest and Knock cross-country course close by Sillyearn Mains Livery is also only 25 minutes drive away from wonderful beach rides and less than an hour away from some of the best long distance trail rides in Moray.

Sillyearn Mains Livery offer a variety of services and facilities, have regular visits from various trainers and experts​, and organising social events, with or without your equine friend. There is also a highly respected farrier and several well known barefoot trimmers living locally.

The facilities that they offer are brand new, premium built stables inside a large barn, a dedicated tack room and storage building, a small all-weather arena and grazing on south facing fields, with outdoor shelters should you be looking for grass livery.

Good quality hay, haylage and bedding can be bought directly from Sillyearn Mains Livery at a competitive price as well as having access to delivered discounted feed as they have an established relationship with an excellent local feed merchant.

They can offer holiday, part and full livery as required as well as turning out/in, feeds, shoeing, vet visits and late night checks. The latter of these services cost £2.50 each time. They can also provide mucking out at £5 a time, and have a horse box available for hire. The livery prices are as follows:

Grass Livery : £18 per week

DIY Livery : £28 per week

Part Livery : £50 per week

Full Livery : £75 per week

If you would like more information or would like to arrange a visit to the yard please contact Sillyearn Mains Livery using the following contact details:




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