Jungle Tots

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Dates and Times

  • Every Monday and Tuesday. Two different sessions are offered.
    Tiny Tigers : for newborns up to approximately 14 months old. 11-11.30am on Mondays and 2-2.30pm on Tuesdays.
    Giant Giraffes : children aged 12 months to 4 years approximately. 10-10.45am on Mondays and 1-1.45pm on Tuesdays.


  • Keith Football Club
    Kynoch Park
    AB55 5EN

Event Details:

Jungle Tots has been owned and run by Barbara O’Brien in Keith since August 2017. As Jungle Tots was previously run in Elgin by a preceding owner Barbara has brought a brand new concept to Keith for babies and young children.

Jungle Tots is a play session for children aged up to 4 and takes place at Keith Football Club on Mondays and Tuesdays. Two different sessions are offered. The first is for Tiny Tigers. This is for newborns up to approximately 14 months old and is run from 11-11.30am on Mondays and 2-2.30pm on Tuesdays. For children aged 12 months to 4 years approximately there is Giant Giraffes. This is on at 10-10.45am on Mondays and 1-1.45pm on Tuesdays. The cost per child is £4 a session, or blocks of 6 weeks can be purchased for £24, or if you would like two blocks it’s £44, this includes one free session.

The main aim of the Tiny Tigers session is for parent/carer and baby to spend one on one time to enhance bonding. In addition there are songs, dances and melodies to help to settle babies as well as sensory experiences which are used to help improve motor and cognitive skills.

The session for Giant Giraffes starts with a short period of free play which allows everyone to get settled. Following this everyone comes together for the hello song and some other action songs which the children love to take part in. After this there is sensory play which can include balls, parachute, messy play, musical instruments, dancing scarves etc. This is then followed by the bubble machine, a story and nursery rhymes before the goodbye song. There is also usually a craft fortnightly.

I was lucky enough to be able to observe the Giant Giraffe’s Halloween Party which was a bit different from the standard session and consisted of music, a bouncy castle (it’s second outing since the start of Jungle Tots in Keith), hello and goodbye songs with actions, face painting, ghost hunt game, make a Halloween scene with stickers, pass the cauldron game, wrap the ‘mummy’ up, bubble machine and free play.

It is clear to be seen that Jungle Tots is a hit with both parents and children alike and is growing from strength to strength. As a result, Barbara hopes to be able to offer parties and to maybe go further afield to provide this experience to parents and children outwith Keith in the future.

If you would like to see what Jungle Tots is all about then please contact Barbara for a taster session, or if you would just like a bit more information. Barbara can be contacted via the Jungle Tots Facebook page ; https://www.facebook.com/Jungle-Tots-280875352329087/ or on 07772206298.

Please also note that children tend to progress from Tiny Tigers to Giant Giraffes when they are comfortable walking, rather than age based, so that they are comfortable and happy in the older group.