Armistice and Armed Forces Covenant Awards Programme

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An Armistice and Armed Forces Covenant Awards Programme has been created by the Covenant Fund Trust to promote community integration in areas of need by supporting local communities to consider the Armed Forces Covenant and its relevance today in the context of the WW1 commemorations. The programme will make awards for groups to obtain silhouettes to create a community focus to Armistice commemorations and think about the Armed Forces today.

Organisations will be bidding for up to 10 seated silhouettes for benches or chairs which are to be used in your local community to reflect on the Armistice and Armed Forces Communities today. As part of your award you will need to commit to organising and holding a self-funded event in your community that brings people together. Your event can be at minimal cost such as a tea party after a remembrance event and open to both the Armed Forces and civilian community, there is not stipulation on when your event is held however it does need to have taken place by 30th Nov 18. After the event a short survey and photographs will be required to be completed and the silhouettes will be retained by organisations for future events.

The programme will achieve the following aims:
• Raise awareness of the Armed Forces Covenant in local communities
• Promote community integration by bringing Armed Forces and civilian communities together for an event
• Offer support to communities in area of economic deprivation, or other challengers who might not otherwise be able to come together for a community integration project

The programme will be open from 1st – 30th June, applications can be made online only through the Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust website. Results of the board will be advised in August and silhouettes will be distributed Sep/Oct in time for Armistice events in November.

Applications must be from a community organisation with a constitution or a charity or CIO with at least two formally appointed but unrelated people who can act on behalf of their organisation. No awards will be made to individuals.

Further information o the silhouettes can be found at the There But Not There website: https://www.therebutnotthere.org.uk/

Please click 20180601-Armistice and Armistice and Armed Forces Communities Pre Application Guidance for the Q&A on the programme and the pre application guide.

Also attached is the link to the Armed Forces Covent Trust home page www.covenantfund.org.uk

Any questions are to be directed to the Covenant Fund Trust on 0300 3033837

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