St Rufus Park Outdoor Gym Now Open

As some of you may have already seen, or even used, St Rufus Park now has a new outdoor gym.

St Rufus Park Regeneration Group have worked hard to gain funding from Edintore Windfarm, Hill of Towie Windfarm, Tesco Bags of Help, Keith Charity Ladies Night and the Landfill Tax to allow them to install a new 8 piece gym.

The gym, which cost £32,000 and was purchased from Scotplay consists of a treadmill, lat pull down/shoulder press, chest press/seated row, cardio cross trainer, leg press/bench, spinning bike, hand bike and a spinning plate.  It is aimed at people aged 14 and upwards and comes with a multitude of benefits including :
⦁ free exercise
⦁ health benefits
⦁ a social experience enabling you to meet like minded people
⦁ it can be used at any time, day or night
⦁ and it is out in the fresh air

So far the gym has been very well used and many positive comments have been made about it, which St Rufus Regeneration Group are delighted about, so why not pop down to St Rufus Park and test out the new equipment for yourself.