Chivas Responsib’ALL Day At St. Rufus Park

Chivas Brothers employees spent all of Thursday improving St. Rufus Park.

Gail Duncan, Chairperson for SRPRG said “We are delighted once again to be chosen by Chivas. The ongoing support is very appreciated. Currently we are working hard to apply for funding which is taking up all the groups time so this little ‘surprise’ was a very welcome boost for us”.

Jane Wilson, member of SRPRG said “The Chivas day went exceedingly well for the second time!  Such a terrific bunch of enthusiastic and energetic people swarming all over the place, improving the look of the fences, paths etc”.

Chivas employees spent the day painting the fences, gardening, cleaning and clearing the park.  They were met with a challenge with one piece of equipment but after some modifications they were able to install a brand new basket ball hoop in the pavilion area.

St. Rufus Park Regeneration Group would like to give a big thank you to all at Chivas Brothers for all they have done this year and last year.