Mulderie Wood luxury hand poured candles and wax melts

Samantha Gray works from home in Mulben next to Mulderie Wood. It is here that she started her business, Mulderie Wood, 3 years ago. Samantha wanted to work from home and produce something extra special for customers which is as natural as possible, so she started making candles. She set about sourcing the most natural fragrances, essential oils and waxes from local Scottish suppliers. The wax Samantha uses is soy wax. This is a natural, renewable, sustained and biodegradable resource and is made from 100% pure soy oil dervied from sustainably grown soybeans which are free of pesticides, genetically modified materials and herbicides.

To make the candles and waxes Samantha uses a melter (like a soup kettle) to melt the wax down before mixing in fragrances and/or essential oils, which she mixes herself. She then hand pours the wax into tins or glasses and attaches her self designed lables, which have all been produced at home until this week. Due to continuing increasing demand Samantha has had to outsource the label printing, but she will continue to design the labels herself.

As part of the ongoing process Samantha spends a large amount of time testing to make sure that the waxes, wicks, which are made from cotton, containers, fragrances and oils are the best and work perfectly together. For example she wants the best wick to make sure that it burns all of the wax and the best fragrances and essential oils to ensure that the scent doesn’t fade. Samantha doesn’t use any colourants, dyes or animal products in her candles, and they aren’t tested on animals.

Mulderie Wood’s candles and waxes are sold wholesale to a varierty of local and national outlets such as Speyside Coffee Roasting Company at Garmouth Hotel. Samantha has worked with Speyside Coffee Roasting Company to create their very own branded coffee candle which uses their own coffee beans and can only be bought from them directly making it a very unique candle. She also sells candles in Gordon & MacPhail, Carhu Distillery visitor centre, the Ethical Gift Shop in Huntly as well as a number of other shops across Moray and Aberdeenshire. Samantha also attends craft fairs such as Speyfest, which she attends every year, and Gordon Castle Highland Games, which she will be attending for the first time this year. In addition, she attends local school summer and Christmas fairs. Along with this she sells her candles and wax melts online via as well as taking orders locally. If you would like to purchase anything please contact Mulderie Wood using the below contact details. Samantha has also worked hard to get her products into a local Keith outlet and as of this week her candles and melts are available to purchase in A. M. McPherson on Mid Street.

Another organisation that Samantha has worked with to create a branded candle is CLAN. They asked her to make candles for them so that they could sell them as wedding favours and at fairs in order to raise money. These candles are still stocked in their shops all over Scotland and prove to be quite successful as people want to make a donation at the same time as being able to give someone a gift.

As with CLAN and Speyside Coffee Roasting Company, Samantha can make any candle or wax melt unique to your organisation and relishes the challenge of creating a new and unique product for a business or organisation, so if you have an idea you would like to discuss with her then please get in contact.

During the earlier months of Mulderie Wood Samantha also exhibited her candles in the Pop Up Shop on Mid Street in order to gain valueable customer feedback especially in connection with how people perceived the fragrances.

Mulderie Wood is unique as Samantha knows exactly what is in her candles and wax melts, she uses the best and most natural products where possible, they are all handmade and she produces doric candles such as the Bosie and Hooley. The doric candles along with the Highland Heathers are especially popular with American customers and funnily enough sales have been boosted following the Outlander TV series. Running along side this Samantha was asked by Quaintly&Co (The British Lifestyle subscription box company specialising in British products made by skilled artisans all over the UK) to supply candles for their Outlander subscription boxes. People subscribe to these boxes and receive items relating to their chosen theme e.g. Outlander, and it allows smaller companies to be promoted. She also supplies a recruitment company in London who send out her candles to customers.

Mulderie Wood sales have doubled year on year and Samantha has taken something that was a small hobby to a full time job. She is now at the point where she is looking to the future to see where to go next, and possibly looking at employing someone else or to outsource more administrative duties such as the label production in order to keep up with demand, as well as being able to stay true to her product, and to continue to make the most natural candles, after all we are inhaling the scents from the candles so the more natural the better.

Mulderie Wood can be contacted on the following :