Looking for a unique and special gift or just want to spoil yourself? Take a look at Moments Crafts

Kati McIlwraith started her business, Moments Crafts in April 2016. The business was created following the start of her scrapbooking hobby, which involved designing a 12×12 scrapbooking page around a special family photo. Kati then had the business idea of putting her designs in a box frame (all Moments Crafts designs are in box frames) using customer’s special photos. She received one order but as she had no portfolio there were no designs to show customers. As a result she started making other designs which included family trees, tartan hearts and fairies. She also continued to create custom designs around customer photos and ideas.

Also during the first year of business Kati attended numerous craft fairs to promote her business but has since scaled these back and only attends a select few such as the Rrrrallye one as she feels this is an exceptional cause. She also holds occasional open days at home which allow customers to view available stock. In addition to the framed designs Kati also makes origami stars which can be used in her box frames, keyrings, baubles or jars, as well as occasionally making greeting cards.

In June 2017 Kati made the decision to expand her product range and started needle felting. Again these are all unique and tailored completely to the customers wishes and so far Kati has made teddies, unicorns, pandas and sloths. The needle felts can either be fixed in a plastic bauble or on to a wood slice and are collectibles (not toys). One of Kati’s more recent designs was for Ruby Kellas who has recently been performing with the Scottish Ballet in The Nutcracker. Her mum wanted a gift for her in celebration of this and asked Kati to make a needle felt ballerina mouse, as well as a framed design. Ruby’s reaction on receiving this gift speaks a thousand words and can be viewed on the Moments Crafts Facebook page.

Moments Crafts have recently rebranded and Kati is now focusing on building up stock and populating her Etsy online shop in order to expand her business, as well as continuing with custom orders generated in the local area and from her Facebook page. Kati is also hoping to be able to display her products in the Pop Up Shop on Mid Street towards the end of the year, but in the meantime she is more than happy for customers to visit her at home, by appointment (please see below contact details to make an appointment).

Kati can create a design around any event, occasion, celebration, room, individual or hobby, going the extra mile to make sure that you receive the perfect design for your home or loved one. She also makes sure her customers are 100% happy and keeps them involved the whole way along the design process.

To view more past designs please visit Moments Crafts Facebook page

Moments, Crafts contact details are :
07725 578494


Price list :
(prices for items not covered by this list will be given at the time of enquiry/order)
Payment in full is required at the time of order – no exceptions, can be paid by cash, bank transfer or Paypal (a PayPal invoice can be sent via email if you do not have a PayPal account as you do not need a PayPal account to pay an invoice.
Basic Frame Prices:
❤️ 6×6″ frames – £10 for black or white
❤️ 8×8″ frames – £15 for black or white, £18 for oak effect
❤️ 10×10″ frames – £18 for black or white (includes Ikea 9×9” frames with wide mounts – please note these have Perspex fronts), £21 for oak effect
❤️ 12×12″ frames – £25 for black or white, £28 for oak effect
Family Trees:
💚 family tree designs can be made in the 9×9”, 10×10″ or 12×12″ frames
💚 please add £10 to the basic frame price above for a wooden tree with up to/including 5 engraved wooden hearts
💚 add £15 to the basic frame price for one with 6+ engraved hearts
Scrabble Tiles:
💜 £3 will be added to the cost of any scrabble tiles design (i.e. names spelled out in tiles, in crossword style layout)
Tartan Hearts:
💙 add £5 to the basic frame price for a design with a white or silver metal heart and a tartan fabric background
💙 these designs can incorporate specific clan tartans, if they are available at a reasonable cost (some tartans are restricted/unavailable/very expensive), and that cost will be added to the cost of your frame
Handmade Origami Stars:
🖤 £5 will be added to the cost of any 6×6″ or 8×8″ frames that include origami hearts – this will increase to £10 per frame for 10×10″ and 12×12″ frames
🖤 stars in jars; small jars are £6 each, medium ones are £10 each, large ones are £15 each
🖤 mini stars in jars key rings; £3.50 each
🖤 stars in baubles; 6cm baubles are £5 each, 8cm ones are £7 each, 10cm ones are £9 each
Needle Felt Collectibles (for decorative purposes only, not intended for use in play by children under 14 years old):
💚 key rings; £4.50 each
💚 characters in 10cm baubles; £15 each
💚 Kati can personalise a needle felt collectible for you by using specific colours of wool and/or by adding names for no extra cost, however, if you would like a brand new character (e.g. a pet from a photograph, or an animal not previously made), the cost will be £20 for each bauble, as it takes significantly longer to make these
💚 gift boxes for baubles; £1.50 each
Handmade Cards:
💛 personalised cards can be made in the following sizes; 13.5cm x 13.5cm for £4 (wedding dress/hanger cards are also £4), 17cm x 17cm for £4.50, and 20cm x 20cm & 15cm x 21cm for £5 each
Postage will be added to all orders (unless they can be hand delivered, or customer can collect) : £1.50 for cards and keyrings, £4 for 6×6″ & 8×8″ frames and origami stars jars, £5.50 for 9×9”, 10×10″ & 12×12″ frames and all needle felt collectibles baubles. Postage for multiple cards/frames/baubles etc will be higher and will be calculated at the time of order.