Local Church members take to the small screen for a unique recruitment drive!

It’s not just big brands like John Lewis, Marks and Spencer and Sainsbury’s that recognise the power of advertising. A short film starring members of Keith: St Rufus, Botriphnie and Grange Church has been produced and launched on social media platforms in the hope that its own self-directed ‘commercial’ will deliver positive results as part of its drive to attract a new minister to the parish.

At the moment there is a nationwide shortage of clergy for Church of Scotland parishes with the situation expected to worsen as more ministers retire. The congregation of Kirk of Keith decided to approach this shortage from a different perspective to highlight the friendship and community spirit that can be found in Keith and Strathisla. Kirk of Keith’s vacancy committee knows of no other congregation that has turned to film to showcase its own church life to prospective applicants.

St Rufus Advert Filming

St Rufus Advert Filming

The 90 second film was shot at two events – the church’s annual Christmas Fayre which raised almost £8,000 this year, and a youth group meeting which included games and a visit to a sheltered housing complex.

Vacancy committee secretary Esther Green said:  “We may not have the budget for a television ad, but we’ve produced our own film to put our congregation and community in the spotlight.

Esther Green Vacancy Committee Secretary

Esther Green Vacancy Committee Secretary

“We wanted to show a membership that has get-up and go, enjoys fun, isn’t afraid to roll its sleeves up and work hard and that is prepared to do something a little bit different to make its mark.

“There’s a huge shortage of ministers right across Scotland so finding a minister isn’t going to be easy. We hope that by producing this film it shows that we’ve got a lot to offer and that our area is a great part of the world in which to live and work.”

The Rev Neil Glover, Convener of the Ministries Council of the Church of Scotland, said: “This is a wonderful video and song from Kirk of Keith.

“It showcases the variety of people in their Church – a variety that is exhibited in hundreds of Churches of Scotland across the country.

“The fact that this is an advert for a Minister illustrates again how much people value them and what an incredible job it is.

“Those who watch the film will love the food apart from anything else and I don’t think a Church’s property committee has ever been the subject of a song in this way before.”

The 90 second ad is available to view on the church website www.strufus.org and here: https://youtu.be/9Mu0twS4Uqc

We would like to wish the vacancy committee and the congregation every success in their quest for a new minister to the parish by using this very unique style to showcase their church and the local community, which of course isn’t called ‘The Friendly Town’ for nothing!

Below is the words penned by a member of the congregation which is beautifully sang by a member of the church choir.

Standing in the centre of the friendly town of Keith

Is a church community a new minister it seeks

It’s a lovely area in Scotland’s North East

With shops and farms, distilleries the nicest folk you’ll meet


Youth group, guild and choir, fly and friendship too

Sunday club, property committee, Christmas fayre and more


Come see what’s going on

Come see what’s going on

Cos we don’t want to walk alone anymore do you understand

We’d love a new minister


We’re ready for this – there’s no denying

We’re ready for this – we’ll support you all the way

We’re ready for this – come find us now

We’re ready for this – our website it will tell you more