Keith Supporters Club to get behind The Maroons

An official fan site for Keith Football Club called Keith Supporters Club has been set up by a small group of Keith FC fans. These fans were lucky enough to see The Maroons lift the Highland League, as well as the Highland League cup on two occasions in their childhood and with the support of the local community would love to been able to witness this again.
Their aim is to help bring the community together and get behind the team, management, committee and everyone else involved to help Keith Football Club succeed, and to do this they aim to raise monies for the club by means of increased ticket sales, fund raising events, and offering support in any way possible. All monies which are raised by the Supporters Club will be handled by them and gifted to Keith Football Club to be spent on projects agreed by members of Keith Supporters Club.
Members of the Supporters Club will benefit from the loyalty programme which will increase gate receipts as well as reward fans for their loyalty and support throughout the season. Members will receive loyalty stamps on a membership card, so every time they attend a Keith FC match at Kynoch Park they will present their card which will be stamped and for every three games attended they will be able to attend the fourth for free. In addition, fans with fifteen or more stamps in a season will be invited to match day hospitality for the last game of the season. Further incentives for club members are 10% off meals at Square Roots, 10% off match day meals at Copperstill Bar at The Royal Hotel and 10% off post-match meals at Berts Bar at The Ugie (food orders only between 5 and 7pm on match days).
If you would like to become a member of Keith Supporters Club, which costs £20 per season and is available to anyone over 14 years old, then please either email or complete the form at, where further information about the club can also be found. Alternatively, Keith Supporters Club will be at Keith Show on 12th and 13th August where they will be taking memberships.