Keith Storehouse Foodbank Are Here To Help But Can You Help Them?

Keith Storehouse Foodbank is a satellite of Moray Foodbank.  It was set up by a local resident and is in partnership with local churches, businesses and organisations.  All food donated will first meet the needs of the people in Keith, thereafter any surplus will go to the Moray Foodbank.

Donations can be handed into Tesco Keith, the local churches, REAP and Bee Fair.

For referrals please contact Moray Foodbank, Telephone: 01343 208293 or email:

A fantastic service -*like this can only be made possible with your help.  Moray Foodbank  are looking for volunteers based at Keith Storehouse Foodbank to help them care for people in Keith.  The role will include preparing food parcels as required, delivering food parcels, helping with stock checks and rotation and other tasks as required.  Any help long term or short term will be appreciated and training and support for the role will be provided.  Please see the poster for contact details.