Keith Development Youth League Aim To Take Ownership Of Fife Park

Keith Development Youth League have commenced the process of a community asset transfer on Fife Park and its pavilion.  KDYL are a group based in Keith who promote and provide an opportunity for children aged 4-14 to play football.

Ashley Inglis, KDYL secretary stated the following reasons to why they are pursuing this:

-“To provide a friendly environment to all

-Central base for the club

-Bringing the community together

-Open up opportunities for the club

-Ownership of our own facility

-Strengthen the club

-Encourage volunteers to help with the club 

-Upgrading and developing the facilities

-Guarantee an open space facility for future generations

-Allowing us to continue football on Fife Park

-Allowing other community groups to use the facilities

-Working with the community to utilise the use of the space.

Amongst many other reasons.”


The next part of this process will be a community consultation for KDYL to inform the community of their plans and why they want to pursue Fife Park.

Ashley said, “We will be arranging a public event during the summer so people can come along and show support and ask questions.  

We welcome queries/questions via our email 

The deadline for this will be 28th July 2017. We need lots of letters of support and we thank those who have already shown us support which has been amazing.  Thank you so much.”