Have you heard of ENJO? An easier, healthier and better way of cleaning

Melanie Hourston is one of our local independent ENJOpreneurs who is able to provide you with an easier, healthier and better way of cleaning.

ENJO uses innovative ENJOtex fibres along with cold water to clean without the use of chemicals. The ENJO fibres are designed differently for each room to make sure that the best results are gained, are also kinder to your home and protect surfaces.

ENJO is better for your health as well as the environment due to the lack of chemicals being used. There are no chemicals for you to breath in, to get on your skin or to be passed into the outside world.
It has also been proven that ENJO fibres and cold water clean 6 times more hygienically than conventional methods as they don’t leave anything behind as the fibres collect all dirt and bacteria which is then washed away with hot water.

ENJO is also more cost effective compared to conventional chemical cleaners as they last so long. The initial outlay is higher but when worked out over the 3 or 5 years that the fibres last for, it works out considerably cheaper than buying the wide range of chemicals and accessories previously required.

Also, with ENJO there is no waste. The fibres come with colour indicators that tell you when it is time to buy new fibres so you get the maximum use out of them, and when purchasing your new fibres you return your old ones which are then recycled into sofa filling so there is no waste at all.

In addition to ENJO household cleaners they also offer items to assist with outdoor cleaning to clean things such as cars and barbeques, as well as a skin care range which allows you to unblock pores, stimulate circulation and remove oils, dead skin and make up.

Melanie offers a range of different packs, or zones, which can be purchased individually or altogether, and include everything you require for each zone. The available zones are kitchen, bathroom, living, windows, floors, outdoor and skin care. In addition to the fibres there are ‘helpers’ which are all produced with natural ingredients to aid your cleaning further. You can also purchase individual items should you wish. You can purchase these items directly with Melanie, or via one of her parties as a guest or a host.

One customer said “When I first heard about ENJO I was a little sceptical, however, after attending an ENJO party carried out by Melanie and seeing the fibres in action I was a convert, and now after nearly a year and a half of using ENJO I definitely wouldn’t go back to conventional chemical cleaners. ENJO cleans better, is easier and more fuss free to use, and is healthier for me and my family.”

Melanie is hosting an ENJO Black Friday Open day on Friday 24th November so if your interested in attending please contact her. Should you be unable to attend or would rather talk to Melanie to find out more or to book a party please contact her on 07876 571 636, at melanie.hourston@enjo.co.uk or via her Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/enjoukwithmelaniehourston/