Fancy a pampering session? Why not pop down to Room to Relax at 145 Mid Street, Keith

Room to Relax was opened in September by Rachel Park of Symply Therapies and June Stevenson of Harmony Therapies. Together they offer a wide range of complementary therapies including :


Bowen Therapy (a mix of rolling type movement of soft tissue in a specific way using the thumb and forefingers and breaks in treatment is used to stimulate tissue and nerve pathways creating a focus for the brain in order to aid mainly musculoskeletal problems as well as more organic problems such as asthma, migraine and irritable bowel)

Hot Stone Massage


Indian Head Massage

Reiki (a Japanese technique used to reduce stress, relax and promote healing)

Reflexology and,

Thai Foot Massage

Room to Relax offer treatments daily from Monday to Saturday and reception is available to contact on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday’s 11am-4pm.

For further information please phone 01542 887 869, June on 07876 407203, Rachel on 07411 438416 or visit their Facebook page on