The St Rufus Park Regeneration Group need you!

If you appreciate the groups efforts please add your name to the petition so that community support can be gauged and used to show potential funders that the group is listening to you.

The petition is available to sign at the following locations as well as online at

The Sunshine Developmental Playgroup
Fife Keith Hair and Beauty
Clark’s the Chemist, Regent Street
Portererfield’s Newsagents
Boogie Woogie
Keith Railway Station
Health Centre at reception and waiting room
Bairds Chemists,
The Deli
Keith Convenient Store, Reidhaven Square
Shears Hair and Beauty
Square Roots Cafe

Thank you to all of the above for helping the St Rufus Park Regeneration.

Would you like to raise money for local charities while enjoying our beautiful scenery?

The Walk takes place on Sunday 30th September and with three varying distances there’s one for everyone. The main walk, which is 18 miles long starts at the Strathisla Distillery at 10am and takes you along the Isla Way, passing some hidden gems such as Drummuir Castle and Botriphnie Church, before continuing onwards to Aberlour. Entry fee for this is £10.
If you would like to complete the 12 mile mid range walk then this starts in Aberlour at 12pm and takes you to Dufftown before returning to Aberlour. Entry fee for this is £5
Finally, there is a 2.5 mile family friendly walk which costs £1 per person and entails a gentle walk from Telford Bridge, Craigellachie to Aberlour. This starts at 3pm and will be lead by a pipe band.
Any money that you raise will be split, with 50% being divided between Logan’s Fund, Abbie’s Sparkle Foundation and The Aila Coull Foundation, and the other 50% will go to your own personal charity or cause that you wish, so it’s a great way of helping some amazing charities as well as a cause close to your own heart.
Please note participants in the family friendly walk are not expected to raise money but would be more than welcome to do so should they wish.
To book your place on The Walk please visit
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Thousands enjoy 147th Keith Show

The 147th Keith Show took place on Sunday and Monday, 12th and 13th August and although the weather didn’t quite shine, thousands of visitors still enjoyed the two day event.

Jason Smyth wowed the crowds with his motor and quad bike daredevil stunts on both Sunday and Monday, while Sunday visitors also enjoyed the Phoenix Magic Show, Vintage Parade, Massed Pipe Bands, Highland Dancing, Tug o’ War, Pony Club Games, Balloch Hill Race, Pets Parade, Feather and Egg Classes, Kids Races, Horse Judging, Show Jumping, Dog Show and a music stage. For Monday’s visitors there were cattle and sheep classes including young handlers classes, Scottish Beef Cattle Championship sponsored by Simmers Contracts Ltd and rare and minority breed sheep, as well as native horses, wool classes and sheep shearing, which was all topped off by the Grand Parade led by Supreme Cattle Champion, Charolais cow Battleford Lola from Garry Patterson, Aultmore and Blair Duffton, Huntly.

In addition to these events there was also an Industrial Marquee where there was a fine display of flowers and plants, home bakes, children’s exhibits, sewing, crochet, floral art, honey, vegetables and more. The industrial marquee was also home to the SWI Rural displays which included winning entries from Inverkeithney and Arradoul. There were also Lifestyle, Craft and Food tents which showcased many local products and businesses as well as a fun fair. Below the main ring were many trade stands as well as an educational children’s tent, vintage vehicles display, beer tent and display of birds of prey.

The annual Keith Show marquee was also held on Saturday 11th August with the Joe Davitt Country Band and Current Affair providing the nights entertainment.

For a full list of results please keep an eye on where results will be uploaded in due course.

Turn your garden into your very own paradise with Garden Rejuvenation

Garden Rejuvenation was started by Julie-Ann Henderson 6 years ago, however Julie-Ann has always been extremely passionate and enthusiastic about gardening, plants and helping others to make the most of their gardens and to enable them to have their own little corner of paradise. Julie-Ann has been helping people to garden for over 20 years but 6 or 7 years ago decided to take the plunge, gain her horticulture qualification at college and set up Garden Rejuvenation.

Julie-Ann loves the feeling of being able to introduce someone to gardening and to their own garden. She has found over the years that many people think gardening is difficult but with the right knowledge and guidance this doesn’t need to be the case. Garden Rejuvenation are able to design a garden based on your requirements, complete all the clearing work and create your ideal haven. Then, should you wish they offer a return maintenance service as frequently or infrequently as you require.

Garden Rejuvenation can help with anything from cutting the grass to a complete overhaul of your garden, but they specialise in designing and creating gardens and pride themselves on having the relevant plant knowledge to be able to plant the perfect garden. Not many other local businesses are able to offer this service! Garden Rejuvenation also hate any kind of waste and try to make the customers money go as far as possible, make sure that the correct plants are used and planted in the correct location to enable them to thrive, provide valuable information as well as reusing plants where they can rather than throwing them away.

Julie-Ann employees one full time employee, James and one newly appointed apprentice. Both James and the new apprentice attend Moray College where they will achieve qualifications as Horticulturists. Following on from this it is hoped that the apprentice will continue training and will complete a hard landscaping course.

In addition to running Garden Rejuvenation Julie-Ann is due to start teaching a night class at Moray College in September which will run every term, and will start with Autumn Gardening. She will also be furthering her own education by starting a HNC in Horticulture.

Garden Rejuvenation tend to work Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm but they can offer a little flexibility and for one off garden designs cover the whole of the North East of Scotland, sometimes even a little further. For ongoing maintenance they tend to stay more local and have set days for Huntly/Insch, the coast, Mosstodloch/Fochabers and Dufftown/Keith although as they are based in Drummuir, Keith and surrounding area jobs can be carried out most days.

Garden Rejuvenation work on a quote based pricing system as there are a great deal of different factors to consider for every garden, so if you would like a quote, or would like any further information then please visit or get in contact on 01542 810708 or email

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Keith Supporters Club to get behind The Maroons

An official fan site for Keith Football Club called Keith Supporters Club has been set up by a small group of Keith FC fans. These fans were lucky enough to see The Maroons lift the Highland League, as well as the Highland League cup on two occasions in their childhood and with the support of the local community would love to been able to witness this again.
Their aim is to help bring the community together and get behind the team, management, committee and everyone else involved to help Keith Football Club succeed, and to do this they aim to raise monies for the club by means of increased ticket sales, fund raising events, and offering support in any way possible. All monies which are raised by the Supporters Club will be handled by them and gifted to Keith Football Club to be spent on projects agreed by members of Keith Supporters Club.
Members of the Supporters Club will benefit from the loyalty programme which will increase gate receipts as well as reward fans for their loyalty and support throughout the season. Members will receive loyalty stamps on a membership card, so every time they attend a Keith FC match at Kynoch Park they will present their card which will be stamped and for every three games attended they will be able to attend the fourth for free. In addition, fans with fifteen or more stamps in a season will be invited to match day hospitality for the last game of the season. Further incentives for club members are 10% off meals at Square Roots, 10% off match day meals at Copperstill Bar at The Royal Hotel and 10% off post-match meals at Berts Bar at The Ugie (food orders only between 5 and 7pm on match days).
If you would like to become a member of Keith Supporters Club, which costs £20 per season and is available to anyone over 14 years old, then please either email or complete the form at, where further information about the club can also be found. Alternatively, Keith Supporters Club will be at Keith Show on 12th and 13th August where they will be taking memberships.

Get rid of unhelpful issues with Hypnotherapy and Room to Relax

June Stevenson of Harmony Therapies (based at Room to Relax on Mid Street) has been practising hypnotherapy for 13 years and has gained a number of qualifications for this.

Recently, with the clients permission and without disturbing the session, I observed June practising hypnotherapy and was amazed at how effective it was.

On arrival June invited us into Room to Relax before discussing with the client the issue they had and what they would like to happen during the hypnotherapy session. She then asked them to take a seat and make themselves comfortable. She did also make it very clear that the client would be in control throughout and if they should feel too uncomfortable they were to say and she would stop.

Once the client was comfortable June started using relaxation techniques. She spoke in a slow relaxing voice encouraging the client to close their eyes and to focus on their breathing while also counting down steps and directing them to a control room in their mind. It was amazing to see the client relaxing before you.

Once the client was relaxed June guided them through the process of eliminating the fear by entering their control room and finding their fear. You could actually see the client looking for their fear and although they seemed to be in a dozing state they were able to answer questions and follow June’s guidance. Once they had found their fear June asked what they would like to do to make it less fearful before getting the client to do as they wished. June also taught the client a technique involving squeezing the thumb in order to turn down the fear. The client did this while under hypnosis but this can also be used in the future should they feel uncomfortable regarding the fear. At this point June asked the patient some questions relating to their fear and you could see the client tense up slightly. The client said that their fear was still there but not as bad.

As the fear was still present June relaxed the client more and tried a different approach. This was more successful and when she asked the client to imagine the fear again the client said it didn’t bother them at all.

Once the client felt that their fear had gone she relaxed them even more and took them down more steps to their subconscious mind where they found a room designed as they wished which made them feel comfortable and safe. Once there June reiterated that the subconscious mind now understands that you have removed the fear and that from now on you can feel calm and safe when the previous fear presents itself. Again you can noticeably see the clients breathing changing here, it’s even calmer.

June then slowly takes the client out of the hypnosis by counting back from 1 to 10 while providing calm, safe and positive advice. Once the patient reached 10 they opened their eyes.

When the client came out of the hypnosis they said that they had felt like they were asleep but not at the same time and that they had had pins and needles in their arms. June said this was as a result of being in a deep hypnosis towards the end (there are different depths of hypnosis and these were evident during the session). She asked the client how they now felt about their fear and it had completely gone – both myself and the client were amazed that only one session had cured such a deep seated fear. I said to June that I noticed how she constantly watched the client and she advised that this was to see how they were responding to her course of therapy, and to make sure that they didn’t become too uncomfortable at any point. If she sees the client becoming too uncomfortable she brings them out of the hypnosis, finds out why they were uncomfortable and then tries a different approach, should they wish. With this client she could tell that the first approach wasn’t removing the fear so she altered her approach which obviously resulted in the desired effect.

Each client is different and will respond in different ways so June has to watch carefully so that she can tailor the session appropriately. It is also worth noting that at no point did June tell the client what to do, she asked the client questions and used their answers to direct them to the next point.

I also asked if it was more challenging to work with clients that don’t know the cause of their issue but she said this doesn’t matter, as once they are hypnotised she is able to ask questions to get to the root of the cause.

June can help with a variety of unhelpful issues, not just fears. She can provide hypnotherapy for anything from being a fussy eater, nail biting, fear of flying, help to stop smoking and with weight management to dealing with stress and anxiety.

She also said that for hypnotherapy to work you can be sceptical but you will need to want to get rid of your fear/phobia or want to make the change which was definitely proved in this session as the client wasn’t 100% sure hypnotherapy would work but really wanted to get rid of their fear. Hypnotherapy can also work for children, even as young at three. A more story like technique is used for children.

June also said that once a fear has been eliminated it tends to stay that way but for things such as stress or ongoing issues you can record your tailored session and use it again in the future when the issue presents itself again.

If you would like help with any unhelpful issue you may have then why not consider hypnotherapy. If you are interested in this please contact June at Room to Relax on 01542 887 869 or visit the Room to Relax Facebook page at In addition to hypnotherapy Room to Relax also offer Aromatherapy, Bowen Therapy, Hot Stone Massage, Indian Head Massage, Reiki, Reflexology and Thai Foot Massage.

Mischief Makers turn magicians with the help of Keith Library and Allan’s Magic Wizard School

As part of the Mischief Makers Summer Reading Challenge Keith Library hosted a Mischief Maker event on the afternoon of 26th July between 2 and 4pm.

The event, which was extremely well organised and well attended started with an hours entertainment courtesy of Alan Innes from Allan’s Magic Wizard School. Alan, who is a local Keith loon, was a great comedic magician and captivated the children right from the start. He told the children that he had read many magic books and had learnt a lot of his tricks from books while performing some of his very impressive magic tricks. He involved the kids throughout and had a lot of keen assistants, which is just as well as he then began to show the children how to actually do the tricks and how to perform as a magician. At the end of his performance Alan provided the children with trick instructions to take home. The kids were hugely impressed with the show, as were the adults and a huge thank you goes to Alan who provided the magic show completely free of charge.

Following on from the Wizarding School the kids were given a snack of juice and fruit which was provided by Fiona on behalf of Tesco Keith.

Once the children had finished their tasty snack they then took part in two games of pin the bone on Gnasher’s teeth and paper ball catapult into different Dennis the Menace character cups before proceeding onto a quiz which required children to search the library for pictures before filling in the blanks to complete the words.

To top of the event the kids played a game of bingo with Fiona from Tesco playing the important role of bingo caller. The kids loved this game with some of them getting very involved and excited.

On behalf of all the children and parents we would like to say a big thank you to Keith Library, Allan’s Magic Wizarding School and Tesco Keith for providing such a fun and entertaining afternoon and it just shows how much fun you can have in libraries and with books.

There’s still time to join in with the Summer Reading Challenge and don’t forget the library run Bookbug sessions for babies and toddlers, Storytime for pre-school children and Library Club and Junior Book Club for Primary School children so there’s plenty for children to get involved with. Also, if you are looking for a Magic Show which actually lets you into a few secrets then why not support local loon Allan and have a Wizard School party of your own. For more information please visit or

Walk in the footsteps of the Fishwives and raise money for local charities

Image result for fishwives walk

The Rotary Club of Keith and The Keith Explorer Scouts are once again holding their annual Fishwives Walk on Sunday 23rd September 2018.

The walk will start at 10am at Newmill Hall and will follow the path that the Fishwives walked all those years ago carrying 40lbs of fish. Minus the fish you will walk, jog or run the 11 mile route that saw the Fishwives walk to exchange their fish for mainly farm produce before reaching your destination of Buckie and District Heritage Centre for a well deserved refreshment.

If you would like to take part in the sponsored walk then please where you can download the application form and obtain payment details to pay the entrance fee of £10 per person (free for children under 12). The fee is to cover transport and postage costs. Please note there is an option on the form for return transport from Buckie to Newmill should you require this.

Once your completed form and payment has been received sponsorship forms will be sent out to you and although you are encouraged to raise a minimum of £20 this is not essential.

For further information regarding the Fishwives Walk please visit where you can also down the Fishwives Leaflet

Next round of Tesco Bags of Help

The next round of Tesco Bags of Help Blue Token Vote started on 1st July and will run until 31st August and the projects are :
🌟1. SPEYSIDE YOUTH LTD – outreach, outdoors DUFFTOWN
🌟2. SPEYSIDE COPPER DOGS FLYBALL CLUB – speyside copper dogs training KEITH
🌟3.STRATHISLA PIPE BAND – centenary celebration KEITH

Please see below for further information on each project.

Remember to pick up your Blue Token every time you shop at Tesco and vote for your favourite project.

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Isla Arts and Crafts

Isla Arts and Crafts offers the chance for people to come together, share their art and crafts, learn from visiting tutors and from other members as well as doing their own thing. In addition their work is displayed in Keith Health Centre and other local venues as well as having been in the pop up shop in the past. Also during the recent Whisky Festival they held a successful exhibition at the Glenfiddich Distillery.

The group starts again at the beginning of September and meets weekly on Monday evenings in the Community Hub at the top of Mid Street. Although the group is quite popular they may have a space or two for new members and would welcome anyone interested in joining them to make contact via their Facebook page, or phone 01542 886 070.

Isla Arts and Crafts charge approximately £40 per session of 12 weeks.