The Deli Shop

The Deli Shop


The Deli Shop, half-way down Mid Street on the right, is a true emporium of all kinds of foodstuffs. It’s called a ‘deli’ and, indeed, stocks a huge range of wholefoods, teas, coffees, spices, cold meats and sandwiches. But it also has bakery products, sweeties, seasonal local fruit and a lot of stuff that you just won’t find in the supermarket.

People flock to The Deli at lunch-time for their freshly made sandwiches, home-made meatloaves, quiches and salads. This is a traditional, old-fashioned, customer-driven shop where Bruce Ross will go out of his way to find what you are looking for.

On cold wintry days why not try their own Scotch Broth Mix? You won’t find too much barley in this as so many people are put off by this soup ingredient.

Bruce was the brains behind the ‘Oor Jock’ quirky range of cards, keyrings and clocks, which you can purchase in The Deli.


Opening Hours

7am – 5pm Mon-Sat

Name: Bruce Ross

Call: 01542 887058





153 Mid Street


AB55 5BJ