Square Roots

Square Roots is the cafe in the heart of Keith. For your morning caffeine hit, a tasty bite, or a leisurely meal; we offer great coffee, good food and a warm welcome to all.

Best Kebab

Best Kebab offer kebabs, burgers, pizza and fried chicken among other items.  They also offer the added bonus of being able to order online either directly through their own website or via www.just-eat.co.uk.

ENJO UK with Melanie Hourston

Melanie Hourston is one of our local independent ENJOpreneurs who is able to provide you with an easier, healthier and better way of cleaning.

ENJO uses innovative ENJOtex fibres along with cold water to clean without the use of chemicals. The ENJO fibres are designed differently for each room to make sure that the best results are gained, are also kinder to your home and protect surfaces.

Melanie offers a range of different packs, or zones, which can be purchased individually or altogether, and include everything you require for each zone. The available zones are kitchen, bathroom, living, windows, floors, outdoor and skin care. In addition to the fibres there are ‘helpers’ which are all produced with natural ingredients to aid your cleaning further. You can also purchase individual items should you wish. You can purchase these items directly with Melanie, or via one of her parties as a guest or a host.

Please see our news article, Have you heard of ENJO? An easier, healthier and better way of cleaning (22.11.17), for further information.

To book a party or to find out more please contact Melanie Hourston.

Graeme Munro and Co Ltd

A small and highly experienced team, providing efficient, clear and tailor-made services to all our clients including advice and support with VAT, income and corporation tax and business planning, as well as providing full payroll services.


Room to Relax

Room to Relax offer a wide range of complementary therapies including :
Aromatherapy, Bowen Therapy, Hot Stone Massage, Hypnotherapy, Indian Head Massage, Reiki, Reflexology and
Thai Foot Massage



Post Office, Newmill

Post Office, Keith

SSC Firewood

Firewood supply and processor hire

Gretel’s Pantry

At Gretel’s Pantry, we provide feed and equipment for all animals large and small at very competitive prices.

You can visit our shop located at Wellside Farm, Newmill, AB55 6UD. We also provide free delivery.

Give us a call on 07515 448016 or visit our Facebook page www.facebook.com/animalfeedandsundries/